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Fairey OD slipper pad replacement

Posted in Land Rover on 18 Jun 2010 at 22:14 UTC
Last modified: 31 Dec 2011 at 00:15 UTC


If your Land Rover Series Fairey/Superwinch overdrive jumps out of gear, grinds or simply doesn't drive in one position, the slipper pads are likely to be worn out or the selector fork mis-adjusted.

Changing the pads and adjusting the selector fork can be done without removing the overdrive from the vehicle. The same slipper pads were used in LT77 gearboxes and are cheaply available (Part #532943).


  1. Clean the OD unit and set the lever to the neutral (middle) position.
  2. Disconnect the lever linkage from the front of the selector shaft.
  3. Remove the two bolts and the O ring retainer plate from the front of the selector shaft bore.
  4. Remove the top and bottom detent plugs from near the back of the selector shaft, the bottom one will be followed by a spring and ball bearing.
  5. Remove the top cover of the OD and the selector shaft pinch bolt.
  6. Work the selector shaft out the back of the casing while holding the selector fork with one hand to prevent it from moving, carefully remove the selector fork without dropping either of the slipper pads into the casing.


  1. Replace the slipper pads if they are worn.
  2. Carefully slide the selector fork into place, making sure the slipper pads are in the groove around the synchro hub and neither of them fall out.
  3. Slide the selector shaft through the back of the casing while ensuring the long, flat recess faces the top detent hole.
  4. Refit the top detent plug and back off 1/2 turn, if the shaft is lined up correctly you shouldn't be able to rotate the shaft more than a small amount.
  5. Refit the bottom detent ball bearing, spring and plug, tighten it up until you can feel it engage as you slide the shaft back and forth.
  6. Set both the selector shaft and synchro hub to their neutral (middle) positions and refit/tighten the pinch bolt.
  7. Check that the front selector shaft O ring is still in place, it may have fallen out while you were working.
  8. Replace the O ring retainer plate and reconnect the lever linkage.
  9. Adjust the tightness of the lower detent as necessary until the resistance of the lever when changing gears feels correct.
  10. Replace the top cover and test.


Test the overdrive in all 3 positions after adjustment, if the overdrive works properly in the "in" position but not the "out" position, try moving the fork marginally forwards on the selector shaft. If the opposite is true, try moving it marginally backwards on the shaft instead.


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