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kexec-loader 2.2 released

Posted in kexec-loader on 03 Feb 2010 at 20:25 UTC

New release of kexec-loader, features CD support, bugfixes and improved build docs.


From kiyoshi on 24 Feb 2010 at 16:37 UTC
Thanks for your producing and uploading great tool.
I want to install kexec-loader into my HDD.
I commented out the last line of
rm -rf iso-root
and run and copied the contents of iso_root directory to a partition of an internal HDD.
By grub4dos installed in the internal HDD, vmlinuz and initrd.img in isolinux directory was read and kexec-loader started.
Many modules were loaded (because I had copied all files in modules- directory into iso-modules directory before running
And finally, the following message:
Press any key to abort
I pushed ENTER key, and then kexec-loader command prompt(?) appeared.
> disks
showed the available disks and their partitions.
> root sda1
> kernel /vmlinuz
> initrd /initrd.img
> cmdline root=LABEL=ubuntu ro
> boot
Then my Ubuntu in 1st partition of my USB-HDD successfully booted. Great!
But, I cannot use kexec-loader.conf.
I think the reason is that I used the CD version kexec-loader. So, the kernel and the initramfs might have tried to find CD(/dev/hdc?).

How to install kexec-loader 2.2 into my HDD?
From kiyoshi on 25 Feb 2010 at 03:16 UTC
Dear Daniel Collins,

Thanks for your telling me to change the label of the partition to "kexecloader".
kexec-loader.conf is successfully recognized and my menu is shown.
I could boot Ubuntu 9.10 installed on 1st partition of USB-HDD.

Thank you very much.

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